Grass-fed steak with Middle Eastern spiced roots, fennel & tahini ? recipe

This it what will be cooking up at our house tonight, once the kiddos are down (please, God ???‍♀️) probably with a much-needed glass of red! ? Give it a whirl and let me know in the comments what you think Ingredients (serves 2) 2 small grass fed/organic steaks (flat iron, sirloin etc.)2 cooked beetroot, […]

Creamy daal with roast mushrooms & coriander-ginger salsa


Lentils are a highly nutritious protein source. Studies suggest that eating them regularly could help reduce our risk of chronic diseases including obesity, type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This may be partly due to their high polyphenol (a type of health-promoting plant chemical) content, as phenols have potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The micronutrients […]