Sweeteners: The not-so-sweet truth

artificial sweeteners - should I eat them?

Sugar is not great for us, we all know that. But what about artificial sweeteners (Ass), so often touted as the benign, “guilt-free” sugar-replacement? At least, that’s what diet drink & processed food manufacturers would have us believe… The calorie-free, guilt-free, “healthy” substitute? Everywhere we look, we’re surrounded by low and zero-calorie foods and soft […]

Am I Getting Enough Iron?

Iron deficiency anaemia Iron deficiency anaemia is the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide – including in the West. As well as infants, vegetarians, vegans and young women are particularly at risk due to inadequate dietary intake and menstrual blood loss. If they weren’t already (and many are!), a large percentage of women emerge from pregnancy […]

What Does A Nutritionist Eat For Breakfast?

Breakfast Bowl - What A Nutritionist Recommends

What a NUTRITIONIST-in-training eats for BREAKFAST. Answer: it varies, but whatever I have, I focus on BALANCING BLOOD SUGAR for the morning. If I start the day off with a bowl of cereal, toast and a juice I know I’ll be on a blood sugar rollercoaster with sugar and carb cravings all day… So what […]

7 Ways to Your 7 (or 10!)-a-day

Fruit and vegetables are the cornerstone of a healthy, balanced diet. You simply can’t eat well, and ensure your body gets all the micronutrients it needs, without them. Those leafy greens, dark red berries bursting with juice, fruits masquerading as vegetables (we’re looking at you, tomatoes and avocados!) – and everything in between – are […]