What Does A Nutritionist Eat For Breakfast?

Breakfast Bowl - What A Nutritionist Recommends

What a NUTRITIONIST-in-training eats for BREAKFAST. Answer: it varies, but whatever I have, I focus on BALANCING BLOOD SUGAR for the morning. If I start the day off with a bowl of cereal, toast and a juice I know I’ll be on a blood sugar rollercoaster with sugar and carb cravings all day… So what […]

Therapeutic Fasting for Metabolic Health

Fasting for Metabolic Health - Eat To Treat

Who else has listened to the latest wonderful interview of Dr Jamnadas (world leading cardiologist) by the amazing Dr Chatterjee on his #FBLM podcast? Fasting can work in so many incredibly powerful ways to reduce our risk of, and manage, chronic disease There a some important conditions and circumstances where fasting could be dangerous so, […]

Why Eat Fish & Omega-3 fatty acids?

Fish and Omega 3 - Eat To Treat Nutrition

Fish and seafood are hands down the best sources of essential omega-3 fats around (grass fed meat is another). They’re the ONLY sources of two of these omega-3 fatty acids in particular: EPA and DHA. We call these essential because our bodies can’t produce them so we have to get them from our diet.  Some […]

Creamy daal with roast mushrooms & coriander-ginger salsa


Lentils are a highly nutritious protein source. Studies suggest that eating them regularly could help reduce our risk of chronic diseases including obesity, type two diabetes and cardiovascular disease. This may be partly due to their high polyphenol (a type of health-promoting plant chemical) content, as phenols have potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The micronutrients […]

Can Dairy Cause Acne?

Can Dairy Cause Acne

We’ve all heard people say that dairy gives them spots… many of us probably have first-hand experience! But what does the science say? It is nuanced, and there is not enough evidence to prove a cause-and-effect link, but mechanistically it makes sense and limited evidence suggests a link between all or some dairy – particularly […]

Fruit- angel or devil?

Is Fruit Good For You?

In the UK we are recommended to eat 5 portions or fruit and vegetables a day but guidelines do not differentiate between the two. A portion is 80g fresh/frozen/tinned fruit, 30g dried or 150ml juice (with the latter limited to one serving a day). 80g looks like one medium sized fruit like an apple or […]

What nutrient are 60%* of us not getting enough of?


*Based on US figures Why do we need magnesium? Mg is involved in 600+ chemical processes in the body! Mg is the electrolyte gatekeeper of our cells. It lets potassium and calcium in to our cells to conduct electrical currents responsible for our heart beat; muscle contraction; ATP production; nerve firing; neuroplasticity; DNA repair and […]

Gut issues? Look at HOW you’re eating…


We know what we eat matters – but less talked about is HOW we eat. More of us than ever feel we are intolerant to certain foods, but what if it’s more about context than the food itself? Could MINDFUL EATING be the answer? 1. Visualise what you’re about to eat There’s a reason mama […]



Monday 17 January – officially known as “blue Monday”. January can be a bleak month at the best of times. Thrown in some serious pandemic-fatigue and, for many of us, the mental, physical, social and economic ramifications of the last couple of years, and it’s little wonder many people are feeling a bit pants! Diet […]

ProBiotics vs PreBiotics: Same-same, but different…?

Probiotics vs prebiotics - Eat to treat

Probiotics Are the live microorganisms or “good” bacteria naturally found in our guts, which constitute what we often hear referred to as our gut “flora” or our very own “micro-biome”. Whilst there may be in excess of 500 different species, many are species of lactobacilli and bifido bacteria – names you are probably familiar with. […]