Is My Vitamin D Low?

Do you have no idea?! 🤪 Either way, you’re in (not-so-good) company…. ☀️👙Much as we’re loving the glimpses of sun lately it’s just never quite enough here in the UK…! I’ve been fantasising about our last proper holiday back in September at our fave @ikosresorts & manifesting a return sometime soon to get me topped up ⛱🏝 […]

Why Is Progesterone So Great?

What is PROGESTERONE & why is it so great?! Progesterone is a steroid hormone our bodies make from cholesterol. The undisputed “star” of the second half of the menstrual cycle (the luteal phase), which comes after ovulation, its main role is to maintain the uterine lining for implantation & a healthy pregnancy.  IF one of […]

10 ways to support oral health

oral health

What happens in the mouth… doesn’t stay in the mouth Most of us are reasonably au fait with the idea of the gut microbiome…it has been something of a hot topic in the realm of health & wellness over the last few yearsBUT how many of us know much about the ORAL MICROBIOME? That’s right: […]

An Ideal (Nutritionist) Morning Routine

Some people can bounce out of bed…I’m not one of them. Especially since kids, postpartum insomnia and the small matter of the pandemic. This is for you if, like me, you need a helping hand… How you spend the first couple of hours after you wake sets the tone for the whole day. We all […]

Phytochemicals: “The dark matter of nutrition”

what are phytochemicals

Phytochemicals (PCs) or phytonutrients as they’re also known are chemicals made by plants! It has been estimated that some 5-10 million phytochemicals could exist within the plant kingdom…but we only know about a tiny percentage of these… There are numerous classes of PCs including polyphenols (eg phenolic acids, tannins, flavonoids) & organosulfur compounds (eg isothiocyanates) […]

Grass-fed steak with Middle Eastern spiced roots, fennel & tahini ? recipe

This it what will be cooking up at our house tonight, once the kiddos are down (please, God ???‍♀️) probably with a much-needed glass of red! ? Give it a whirl and let me know in the comments what you think Ingredients (serves 2) 2 small grass fed/organic steaks (flat iron, sirloin etc.)2 cooked beetroot, […]

Sweeteners: The not-so-sweet truth

artificial sweeteners - should I eat them?

Sugar is not great for us, we all know that. But what about artificial sweeteners (Ass), so often touted as the benign, “guilt-free” sugar-replacement? At least, that’s what diet drink & processed food manufacturers would have us believe… The calorie-free, guilt-free, “healthy” substitute? Everywhere we look, we’re surrounded by low and zero-calorie foods and soft […]

Is Meat Unhealthy?

is meat always unhealthy

‼️The science is UNANIMOUS on this.Following a WHOLE FOODS ?PLANT-BASED ? DIET is the best way of taking care of OUR OWN HEALTH and the health of the ?. But contrary to what many people assume, plant- based does NOT mean vegan or ONLY plants….of course it can be, if that’s your preference….but it certainly […]

19 Tips for Better Sleep

19 Tips For Better Sleep

Nutritional Therapy is about diet, but that’s not all. When I’m a qualified NT (not too long to go now!) I’ll be looking at ALL aspects of a client’s lifestyle: diet, incorporating exercise (or movement as I prefer to call it), developing stress management techniques, cultivating meaning & purpose – and SLEEP. With a decade […]

Am I Getting Enough Iron?

Iron deficiency anaemia Iron deficiency anaemia is the most common nutritional deficiency worldwide – including in the West. As well as infants, vegetarians, vegans and young women are particularly at risk due to inadequate dietary intake and menstrual blood loss. If they weren’t already (and many are!), a large percentage of women emerge from pregnancy […]